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This Cookie Policy refers to the „Institute of Art History” site, located at: By using our website you agree to cookie usage according to your browser's settings.

What data is collected by the „Institute of Art History” site?

At „Institute of Art History” data is collected as follows:

  • we collect data while you use the site, in form of:
    • server logs - like most servers in the world, including those of the University of Gdańsk, we automatically log such information as: requested page name, date and time of the request, device name, IP address, browser name and version, operating system version, information of any possible errors generated by the request;
    • cookies - small text files, sent by webpages and saved in user's device (computer, smartphone, tablet) by means of which the site was opened.

Data usage

Collected server logs are stored for an undefined amount of time as input data for server management purposes. The information we collect is not revealed to any third party except the server administrators and webmasters. Server logs may be used to generate statistics, used in website administration. The statistics are aggregated and do not contain any data that can be used to identify a single person.

What cookies are used at „Institute of Art History”?

At „Institute of Art History” we use cookies for three main purposes: to gather anonymized, aggregated visits statistics, to support site features and for loggin-in purposes. At „Institute of Art History” we use cookies of third parties such as: Google, CrazyEgg. The detailed information about cookies used at „Institute of Art History” can be found below.

Local cookies

cookie name source description



Session cookies, expiring after logout, used in administration panel. Those cookies are vital in order to remain logged in.



Used to determine if the cookie information was displayed.

Third party cookies


Google Analytics

This cookie does not expire. It tracks the number of visits, the date of the first and the last page visit. Used for the Google Analytics statistics.


These files track the time of entering and leaving the page to determine how long the visit was. They are session files, i.e. they expire after you leave the page. Used for the Google Analytics statistics.


This cookie contains information about the referring page, which search engine was used, what url was clicked and what search terms were used. It expires after 6 months. Used for the Google Analytics statistics.



This cookie checks if the user enters the site for the first time or is a returning user. It expires after 5 years.

How to change cookie settings?

Most browsers accept cookies by default. You can change your cookie settings in order either to block some of the cookies or to block them entirely. If you block all our cookies, you will not be able to log into the administration panel.

You can opt out from Google Analytics at

The instructions for opting out from Crazy Egg are located at

You can change cookie settings in your browser's preferences:

  • in Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy: History > Firefox will: "Use custom settings for history" or "Remove individual cookies".
  • in Chrome: Chrome - location of "Settings"Settings > Show advanced settings... > Privacy > Content settings > Cookies
  • in Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet options > Privacy (Move the slider to choose your preferred setting) > Advanced > Override automatic cookie handling
  • in Opera: [Opera] button> Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies